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Inspector Shahnawaz Khan is called in to question some people about the apparel death of a young woman named Karuna Sharma. These people claims that Karuna's death was due to suicide but at the end of his investigations Shahnawaz was able to prove otherwise resulting in his transfer to another region. The officer replacing him is Mahar Singh Grewal who is on the payroll of the killers and does nothing but closes the case. Karuna's dad Ram Swarup and sister Usha are not satisfy and appeal to higher officials for justice; the case is then handed down to CBI officer Jagmohan Azaad; an officer known for his down-to-earth method of getting to the bottom of things, will not buckle under any pressure nor accepts any bribe.
Mr. Ram Swarup is a retired schoolteacher of modest means. His family consists of his two young daughters, Karuna and Usha. Fortunately for Ram Swarup, Mr. Sharma an eminent businessman in their vicinity brings forth a proposal of marriage of his son Arun with Karuna. Ram Swarup considers himself lucky to be associated with the influential family but Mr. Sharma had different plans on his mind. Sharma's cunningness surfaces when he comes to know of some land that Ram Swarup has kept aside in Delhi for his second daughter's marriage. He convinces Ram Swarup that he needs it temporarily to serve as a guarantee for his new business venture, but later justifies it as dowry for his son's wedding. The situation takes a turn for the worst, when one morning Karuna is found dead. Sharma and his friend an aspiring politician Tiwari try to frame it as suicide but the investigating officer Shahnawaz Khan and Karuna's family suspect a foul play. Amidst investigations, Shahnawaz Khan is mysteriously transferred and is replaced by a dishonest and corrupt police officer Maha Singh Garhwal, who loses no time in suppressing the case with Sharma and his friends. To overcome police corruption, Ram Swarup and his daughter Usha with the help of Shyam, appeal to high judicial powers and consequently C.B.I. officer Jagmohan Azad is send to investigate Karuna's case. Will inspector Azad get them justice? Will he find out what really happened on that fateful night?
Police Public is the story of Inspector Shahnawaz Khan (Kabir Bedi) who investigates a murder case that has no eye witness. Later on, however, he is transferred to a next town by the clever industrialist Mr. Sharma (Prem Chopra) and his politician friend Mr. Tiwari. Replacing Shahnawaz Khan is inspector Maha Singh Garhwal (Naseeruddin Shah) who is known for twisting the case the other way round by accepting bribe from Sharma and his friends. But by the many attempts of Shyam and Mr. Ram Swarup of high officials a CBI officer Jagmohan Azad is sent to the area in order to investigate on the crime. However, the officer suspect a foul play between Sharma and his friends and decides to investigate more. On the evidence that he found it was proved that Sharma and his friends were involved in the murder case. The inspector even gathers a piece of evidence that will prove Sharma and his friends guilty and shed some light on the case.
Police Public is an excellent suspense thriller with excellent star casts to its credit. But I must say, Raaj Kumar stole this show. Every scene with him in it was worth watching. Amazing dialogue delivery coupled with extraordinary body language and expressive eyes makes Raaj Kumar one of the loved stars in Bollywood. The movie made me miss him and his hey days. Wish he was still alive. The rest of the casts are also equally supportive. Prem Chopra and Ajit Vachani are their usual self. Naseeruddin Shah and Kabir Bedi are competitive enough. Poonam Dhillon is good too. The plot moves in a fast pace but too many songs and unwanted comedy scenes slow the proceedings towards the post-interval portions. The movie keeps the viewer guessing till the end. Esmayeel Shroff does an excellent job of keeping the viewer engrossed with a murder mystery. Police Public is a change from the usual masala movies of 1990 and is definitely worth a watch. Don't miss it or you will regret!!!! I give it 9/10.

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